About Us

Our mission is to share and grow
the world’s knowledge.

The goal of Waydiin is to spread and advance knowledge. Most of the knowledge that would be useful to many people is currently only accessible to a small number of people, either because it is locked in people’s heads or because it is only available to specific groups. In order to better understand one another, we want to bring together those who have knowledge and those who need it. We also want to give everyone the ability to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

This has a great deal of potential. We will have a significant impact on the world if we are successful in carrying out our mission. We just need to assemble a knowledgeable team of individuals who can lead us there.

Why Choosing Waydiin

Our Values

1. Increase long-term worth

We are creating a lesson that, in theory, will always exist. All of our decisions are influenced by our long-term goal of becoming a powerful and independent engine.

2. Keep learning and adapting

We value experimentation, decision-making based on metrics, and iteration speed. We launch as soon as work is finished and try to learn as quickly as possible by pushing every commit to production.

3. Execute

We value people who have great ideas but who also can quickly drive them all the way to bring their ideas into life.

4. Be direct and respectful

We expect and welcome constant feedback. We trust each other to be open and straightforward, so if you have anything in mind don’t hesitate to contact us.