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Focusing the key points of the questions and answers on Waydiin Community!

waydiin community

We want to make it simple for you to learn more about a question by focusing important information about it, such as its level of popularity, the number of people who are interested in it, and its target audience. In order to do that, we’re launching Question Overview today, a new section on the question page that will make it simpler to locate the most crucial details about a question and its target audience. All of the data from the previous Stats section is included in the Question Overview, along with new facts like any followers of the question you may be interested in (such as users you follow or other notable users), recent views on the question, or whether the question is the Most Wanted in a topic.

We have numerous suggestions for how to enhance the Quora platform and user experience. But we also value keeping things straightforward so that everyone can concentrate on the most crucial elements. Today we’re introducing Labs*, a brand-new way for you to test out features that we haven’t decided to make widely available. Your Quora experience should be improved by the products we develop for Labs. Keyboard Shortcuts is our first-ever Labs feature, so without further ado. Without ever taking your hands off the keyboard, you can navigate and take actions on Waydiin’s awesome features on the web.

Go to your Settings page and select the Labs tab to get started. Disuss places a high priority on maintaining quality as we work to fulfill our mission. We’ll be implementing significant changes in the coming weeks and months to improve quality. These modifications will marginalize mediocre and subpar answers while rewarding excellent questions and answers with better ranking and distribution. In other words, more people will be able to access and benefit from high-quality solutions and shared knowledge.

Today, we released a fresh, in-depth response that explains what quality on Quora is and what it means to be supportive. What a good response looks like. In conclusion, thoughtful and excellent responses.

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